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  1. Mac Intel OS 10.14.6 WavePad 12.47 Just got a newer computer and had to repurchase WavePad. Problems were immediately noticeable. I have two small issues and then a group related problems. I am hoping that someone can show me what it is that I am doing wrong or what are bugs that have cropped up in the current version. 1. Can't edit the name of a bookmark; you must retype the entire entry. 2. You can no longer click in the overview panel and have your cursor appear below where you clicked - it moves your view to that general area and you must click in the section to move your cursor to that point. Why??? 3. In my previous version of WavePad, I simply split at the bookmarks and SAVED ALL. I would have properly named files in the same folder as the source document. However, now... the new options for saving files that you split at the bookmarks are a nightmare: When splitting and saving files in one operation, it offers you the option to select an output location, but it doesn't work and instead saves to your computers MUSIC folder. It will fail to split and save in one operation if you have a bookmark at the beginning of your file, giving a "Failed to save a split. One or more of the split files was not able to be saved" error message. Strange thing is, splitting but opening in the editor works just fine. Apparently, the current version of WavePad apparently doesn't like a bookmark to be placed at the beginning of a file when saving automatically. Really?!?! It didn't have a problem before. One would think this issue would have been fixed in the latest update. I wonder why it hasn't been dealt with. Once the split files are all open in the editor, using SAVE ALL does allow you to actually select the correct folder but then strips all the bookmark names you carefully worked on while editing. The same thing happens when saving files individually. This is a massive downgrade from my previous version and makes my job so much harder. Strangely, if you don't have a bookmark at the beginning of your file and use the split/save automatically operation, it will retain the bookmark name - it just forces you to accept that it will save it in the MUSIC folder and not where you wanted it. What once was a simple operation has become very frustrating. Any help or insight most appreciated. Thanks, Michael
  2. Sadly, WavePad seems to be more of a program for editing and seems to throw in recording as an afterthought. I did solve my problem, but you may not like the solution. Simply put, I had to run my audio through a mixer that had a headphone jack which, with an adapter, I was able to connect to a cheap pair of computer speakers. In short, WavePad is missing a number of simple, commonsense features, and playback during recording is one of them.
  3. Newbie here trying to figure out how to make WavePad work for me. Can someone tell me how to select just the left or right channel and then invert the audio? I cannot find a way to select anything but both channels. I found reverse, but not invert. Please help!
  4. No worries. I know you're a user who tries to help newbies like me. Your help is most appreciated. Thank you. I'm still trying to figure all this out, but I may need to open a support ticket. I'm trying not to, but it may be unavoidable.
  5. Hey Dan! Just checking to see if you're still there. Thanks, Michael
  6. My tape player does not have any output volume control. Thank you so much for looking into this for me. I should mention that I am using WavePad on a Mac. My previous audio program made recording so easy. All I had to do was play the audio and set recording levels within the program. The problem with setting the levels outside the program is having to do test recording(s) to set the levels because WavePad does not let you look at the waveform before you actually record, or at least I couldn't find where that feature is located. This is a fairly basic feature and I am shocked it is so hard to find or perhaps not included. This is strange since NCH calls WavePad a professional grade program. The two problems I am experiencing that I cannot find any workaround for are: 1. Not being able to listen while recording. There is no audio output whatsoever during recording. Is there some menu or checkbox that I am missing? The only way to hear my WavePad audio within the program is to stop recording and play the file, which leads to my second problem... 2. I cannot find how to control the output device/volume of playback through WavePad. I select the output device on my computer and WavePad ignores it and only plays through my headphone jack. As an added insult to injury, it plays very, very loudly and I can't find a place to adjust the volume. Again, these are very basic features that should be a part of any audio program. Am I missing something? Any help or guidance most appreciated. Michael
  7. I am recording audio through a Behringer UFO202 USB interface that connects to a tape deck. I also cannot find how to adjust the volume during playback or select the output device within WavePad. It is "stuck" on LOUD and my headphone jack. I hope the solutions are obvious and I'm just missing them. These are pretty basic features. Thanks!
  8. I am new to WavePad and like it so far, but have three recording issues that I can’t seem to figure out. I am hoping they are just features I can’t find and are not missing from WavePad. 1. How do I see the waveform of the audio I am about to record before I actually record? My old sound editing program would let me see the waveform while I played the audio so I could properly set recording levels before actually recording. 2. Where do I set the recording levels? 3. How do I listen while I am recording? The “monitor” during recording is silent. I’ve had to wait until the recording is done to go back and play it to hear anything. There must be a setting I’ve overlooked. Can anybody help a newbie out? Thanks!
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