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  1. Update for those who are having the same issue; I had to uninstall version 10.79, and then install version 11.17 of WavePad to be able to read/edit/play 24bit .wav files! WavePad Versions 2L - The Nordic Sound: HiRes Test Bench
  2. Thank you for the reply! Not just one file, but any 24bit .wav files. FLAC and WV files that are 24bit seem to be unaffected. I'm running an AMD 4600H on an HP 87B0 board with Realtek High-Definition Audio; UAD Driver v6.0.8975.1.
  3. I'm having an issue where I cannot decode/play .wav files that are 24bits or more. The file I'm having issues with is: Sample rate : 48000 Hz Channels : 2 Bits per sample : 24 Bitrate : 2304 kbps Codec : PCM_S24LE; PCM signed 24-bit little-endian Size: 759 MB (796 188 836 bytes) The file plays fine on my Win10 PC in various programs, just not in WavePad -->> I get a garbled waveform https://i.imgur.com/YU59ACp.png and no audio output. If the file is a 24bit FLAC or WavPack, it decodes fine in WavePad and I can load/play/edit it. If the file is 16bits, I can load/play/edit it fine. Just not 24bit .wavs! Are there any suggestions?
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