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  1. How do I delete some of the photos in my finished slideshow please.? thanks.
  2. I bought Photo Stage to narrate my slideshow but narrate and audio is greyed out. hy is that. ? I thought by purchasing it everything would be available.
  3. I bought Photo Stage and the Audio and Narrate button is grayed out, why is this?
  4. Many thanks guys, much appreciated, I'm really loking forward to doing this, this is my first. Cheers.
  5. How do I slow the speed down to be able to narrate on each photo please. Or what is the best speed for narrating, Thanks.
  6. I am wanting to add narration to my video. While I can see the record/narrate button etc. I don't know how to put the photos and narration together. I've listened to a few tutorials but can hardly understand them or they talk too quickly. My sound is at 100% Is there a written tutorial online where I can read the instructions please.?
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