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  1. I know this is a couple of years late... but I have found quite an easy solution. Before you insert your new video clip (to replace another one), you must group together ALL of your individual clips. So for example, if you have a video clip, with its sound underneath it, and maybe text above, or another sound underneath it - you will need to highlight each one individually: Step 1: Click on the video clip so that it is highlighted in grey Step 2: Hold down on the "Ctrl" button and click on your text and sound etc beneath/above Step 3: Right click, and select "Group Selected Clips" Step 4: Repeat this for every clip To insert/replace your new video clip: Step 1: Delete the clip you want to replace it with Step 2: Place your cursor exactly where you want your new clip to be inserted (drag the red vertical line) Step 3: Once you have added your new video clip in the bin, right click on it and select "Place on Sequence at Cursor" This worked perfectly for me! Hope it works for you. And you can move around your clips easily. This doesn't really work if you have a song attached. You may need to redo your song, or after you have done all of the steps, right click on your audio and "remove clip from group) then you can move it to where it needs to be. - Ashleigh
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