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  1. Hi Borate, I've tried what you said with the numbers, but mine will always start with no numbers. The second recording will add the .0001, .0002 etc. So the first recording always shows up last in the list. @ C_Major thanks!
  2. Hi there NCH, Just a small idea for a next version of Videopad. I record a lot with both my camera and my microphone. The last is done for voiceovers. Now all recordings, are numbered, except for the first one. That one is just called My audio. My idea is that all recordings start with My audio 1 and then upwards, so no My audio, with no number. This makes it a lot more logical, when sorting the sound. The first recording, isn't the last in the list. Also, another minor, but needed improvement. When using the Pan&Zoom, or Ken Burns effect, it would be nice to get a sort of grid o
  3. 14red

    Leaving Videopad

    Dear C-Major, Looking forward to that! Thank you for now! Next project will be done with videopad! Fingers crossed! I'll report back to you!
  4. 14red

    Leaving Videopad

    Small update, after rearranging my audio tracks it seems that the audio finally works! I exported the whole video. I'll reconsider switching back to Videopad. I will at least keep you posted on the next project that I will try to export.
  5. 14red

    Leaving Videopad

    Dear Borate, Thank you for reaching out to me. You will find the files herein the link that I've sent you. I'm trying two last attempts at exporting, at the same time, on two different machines and with different settings. Thanks in advance, best regards,
  6. 14red

    Leaving Videopad

    Dear Nat, Thank you for your answer. I installed the latest version and exported a project again. This time there was no crash except that there was no audio present. It does have that in the project itself, but it fails to export. I will try again tomorrow for a final time. Thank you and good night!
  7. Dear NCH, Two years ago I finally made the step to create my own youtube channel, reviewing computer hardware. It's a great hobby and I do it because I like to, not to make money. Back then I needed an editing program and a friend suggested to use Videopad. Not too expensive, and should get you going when you are new to the trade. I love the easy of use of videopad. I've grown accustomed to the layout, effects menu's and everything else. I can edit a video in a relative small amount of time. My main issue with videopad is that exporting is always a hit and miss. Nearly every time I f
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