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  1. Hi Nat and Borate, thanks a lot for both of your suggestions and for taking the time to review my "Memories of Itay" video. A few days ago, I finally got my video to export properly (with all the photos and effects) when I transferred the project from my PC (which is 8 or 9 years old and perhaps might have stability/RAM issues as a result) to my new Mac (which I generally use only for recording on Garageband). Even on my Mac, I encountered similar problems, but after two or three attempts, I shut it down, restarted Videopad and cleared the cache, and mysteriously, the last attempt exported properly and it's now on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vj4miVAkzwU . Yesterday, I compiled another video for another song of mine (though this time, I used only two EP/album cover images I did on Photoshop, and varied them by using various Videopad effects), and fortunately, this time around, everything exported well (on my PC, without needing to do that on my Mac). Anyhow, thanks again to both of you for your help and Happy New Year. If you both are in the regions of Australia** that have been hit badly by the wildfires, I hope things improve soon. Marc Fedak, Toronto Canada. ** I'm guessing that you both work at NCH, and my understanding is it's based on Australia.
  2. Thanks Nat, that's useful information. As you suggested, I've saved a portable project version of my "Memories of Italy" music video and have posted this on Dropbox at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2tnsp7zr374j6ix/AACPnBtGlA-v2CAW1fRj1Xqba?dl=0 (along with the exported mp4 and a Word document that lists what photos/effects are missing from that and start and end times for each). If you or anyone else at NCH or on this forum has a chance to see if I may have done something incorrectly that resulted in the missing photos/effects not appearing in the mp4 version of the video and let me know what I can do to correct that, that would be much appreciated. Either way, thanks! PS: As mentioned in the Word document, this past Sunday, I did send someone else at NCH Tech Support the project and mp4 files of an earlier version of the video via the FTP site they suggested, but haven't yet heard back from them. If they are looking into it though, then I can wait til after the holidays, as there's no rush.
  3. Hello Borate, thanks a lot for your suggestion and your general helpfulness. Shortly after I posted my bug report, I decided to buy the Videopad Professional v 7.51. Despite that, although I was able to export the project as a Youtube video, it still was missing several photos/sequences and effects, so I had to take down the video. I then tried to export it as an mp4 file, but the problem still remained. On Sunday, someone else at NCH emailed me instructions on how to upload my project and mp4 to the NCH ftp site, which I did. Hopefully, I'll get a reply by early January (seeing that the holidays are upon us), but if not, I might try a few other things you've suggested. Overall, my video is close to being presentable, but I'd like to have all photos and sequences in the preview appear in the mp4 and Youtube versions.
  4. Hello, I was attempting to create using the free demo version of NCH Videopad v 7.51 to create and post to Youtube video of a 15.5 minute medley of songs I recorded inspired by a recent trip to Italy with cell phone photos and videos I took while there. (Audio was mp3, photos jpg.) After many hours of hard work, the video looks good in the project preview screen, but I was unable to export it directly as a Youtube video after a couple of attempts. I even encountered problems trying to simply export/save as an .mp4 and .mov format files on my computer: the first and second times I watched it on Windows Media player, the video was missing photos/effects that were showing on the NCH Videopad previewer, then after the second attempt, I got the notice that I had to buy purchase a registration code (regardless of what export format, even the more basic mp4). So, it appears that I've wasted a lot of time, unless there is some sort of workaround someone can kindly suggest. I initially was feeling pretty positive about using the free demo version of Videopad, but if you can't even export your work to a file format that can be used to share with others, it's very deceiving to call the program "free". Thank you. PS: another glitch that was was frustrating is that if move photos used in the Videopad project to another folder (but still on the same computer), VideoPad no longer can find them. (Fortunately, I was able to regain access to the photos once I put them back in the original folder that Videopad was referencing, but it would be nice to be able to have the project keep all photos, audio and video files that comprise a video in the vpj. project folder.)
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