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  1. Ok, I'll do that this weekend if it'll help put something back into this great programme.
  2. Hi I had the exact same propel and read a thread from someone who had the same problem. They suggested trying the mpg file format which I did and it works every time.
  3. Hi, yes it's the latest version but the free version. I've actually figured this out now so thought I'd post the fix in case anyone else is having the same problem. Try the MPG file format and it should work. Strange but true!!
  4. Good morning all, Hello, i'm new to the forum. I do hope someone can help. I've been working on a video of some basic video / photograph footage against music from a family holiday. It's taken me a few days to put together and at certain points i've exported it with no problems at all just to see what it looks like and where i'm up to. I finished the video last night and clicked export. It stayed on 0% for a few seconds and then came up with a 'Failed' message- nothing more, nothing less, just failed! Since then I have tried many different file types with many different frame rates but nothing works. Thinking that perhaps the video was too long for my computer to cope with I even tried creating a very short video with a couple of photos and one video. Same message when I try to export. I have rebooted, uninstalled, reinstalled, deleted component files (a suggestion I found in another thread) but nothing works! HELP!!! Thanks, Tim.
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