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  1. The problem for me is with attempts to export video from an existing uploaded saved file on NCH from video camera wit very little editing at end of stream to YouTube .....format 1920x1080 HD @30.00 FPS I have tried both export drop downs, i have tried uploading a new file total attempts now are 7 message at end of upload is failed???? Could this have to do with new YouTube regulations?
  2. I as well paid for professional version . No success with any help from NCH.
  3. Need help in exporting video . I have had success with previous 7 videos . Now all of a sudden cannot export to YouTube. Continued failed messages at end of upload??? Help please
  4. Having problems with exporting video edited or not to YouTube? 5 attemps now with continued error messages & no success. This happened with my last upload after 3 attempts with success. Any help is appreciated.

  5. I am having the same problem. I have attempted to export my last video 4 times with continued error messages. My last video did the same thing only uploaded after 3rd attempt. I thought it may have something to do with the new Youtube regulations. So I doublechecked to make sure the settings were for viewers over 13 per the new regulations...and still nothing. Can anyone please help. This is a paid Software program with very little support!
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