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  1. I have issues with crashing too repeatedly. I have the updated version which hasn't done anything I think the problem is worse because it happens constantly rendering the software useless!!!!!!!!!!!!!So I'm sorry but the new update didn't do diddly for the bug it's worse.
  2. Help!!!!!!!!!!! I was using video pad editor for about two weeks it was fine. I use it to edit videos for my youtube channel. Well for whatever reason after some windows updates installed it crashed few times. I added the update. By the way I have the paid version. Anyway I cannot use it right now. It keeps failing to export even to a file! It says it encountered an abnormal exception. It happens around the 28% mark that it fails. I don't know what to do! I ran a boot time check and apparently everything is ok. I doubt it's a malware issue. Could it be from the updates? And how would I know which one to uninstall? If this software keeps crashing I'm asking for my money back. Why pay for stuff I cannot use?
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