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  1. Hey, sorry I’m a bit late on that, lost hope and didnt check the topic anymore but you are a legend man! Thank you so much for the effort you put into this and for finding the solution! Cheers Patti
  2. The video should end at that point...its a raw version of a video ill complete in a few months but i need the raw version this monday. The video files might contain that, because i recorded with it...gonna have a deeper look. But if im not mistaken i payed 50 bucks for a "good" editing tool which doesnt let me export the video and no one knows what to do?
  3. Yes; I am using the latest version. My project: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AgMYV0FWFiegg8BJGqNmkaf3rFWxKg (Its my first time so its not too good or anything lol)
  4. Hey, so recently i finished editing a video and wanted to export it. Its not too long (i think about 3 mins), 1980x1080, 30fps and mp4. I also tried with mov...same problem. Its in the video at a normal point so no special effects or so. I searched for recents threads already, which are quite a few but none of those "solutions" worked for me. Any ideas? Patti
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