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    cant exit sounttap

    Yusuf, Sorry I did not see your answer, here is what happens, after almost every recording, soundtap stay up, I cant exit it nor can kill it using windows task manager, (i need process explorer to kill it) If I start recording again, it claims it has directory permission errors , other than that some menu items / buttons does not work, (and some does) for example help button does not do anything , option buttton does not do anything, but start / stop recording does. I can probably reproduce it easily , and can do a screen share if you want. I'm a deve
  2. not the first time this is happening, on my windows 10 pro, sound tap is working well but does not exit, no matter what I do , even with task manager it can not be killed I can use a more aggressive task manager tools to kill it, or restart, very annoying any idea ?
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