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    cant exit sounttap

    Yusuf, Sorry I did not see your answer, here is what happens, after almost every recording, soundtap stay up, I cant exit it nor can kill it using windows task manager, (i need process explorer to kill it) If I start recording again, it claims it has directory permission errors , other than that some menu items / buttons does not work, (and some does) for example help button does not do anything , option buttton does not do anything, but start / stop recording does. I can probably reproduce it easily , and can do a screen share if you want. I'm a developer myself so if you want me to do some patching / troubelshooting, let me know. if you want some kind of logs let me know as well. thanks
  2. not the first time this is happening, on my windows 10 pro, sound tap is working well but does not exit, no matter what I do , even with task manager it can not be killed I can use a more aggressive task manager tools to kill it, or restart, very annoying any idea ?
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