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  1. Hello Everyone! I got a total resolution to my problem VEC Infinity usb 2 pedal problem. I went straight to the horse's mouth for this: VEC There were a number of pedals produced that were lacking an important update. At any rate, I got a replacement pedal and it works like a dream with Express Scribe. I highly recommend VEC and this pedal. If you are having trouble, NCH can't fix it. But the company you purchased it from should help you! Good luck. It feels great to be back on track! Thanks VEC!
  2. Hello, well, I wish I had read thru this forum before purchasing the infinity usb 2 and ES pro. My foot pedal worked for 2 minutes. The controller wizard has identified the pedal just fine. But the foot pedal doesn't control anything. Any further info on this? All latest verisons: windows 10 home 64 bit.
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