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  1. Here I have the very very easy test-project^^ But this is by each project. I've already cut over 15 videos with videopad since version 6.28. For all videos it was the same problem. Version 6.26 or below has always been a remedy to fully utilize the CPU. Could it perhaps be related that if I tick the box "Use hardware-accelerated video effects (requieres SM 2.0 hardware)", then my CPU is not fully utilized by the export and the export is therefore slow (was already always like that, already 2 years ago). That's why I've always tick not he box. My APU is the vega 11, and it has shader model 6.2. But this is not an big problem, but it's there (just as a note)
  2. @Nationalsolo I don't think, that this the problem is. Even if I select a video with only one minute and a resolution of only HD that I have not edited, and thus ONLY export without doing anything, Videopad only uses too around 30% -40% by the export. It seems like it's limited ... And to your case: Which process use so many CPU?
  3. I have an problem with the newer Versions of Videopad. Since version 6.26 Videopad use just about 30-40 prozent of my CPU by the export. The consequence is that the export of the video takes 3 times longer than in version 6.26, because in version 6.26 Videopad use almost the whole CPU (ca. 95%) By all versions over 6.26 (6.28, 6.29, 6.30, 6.31, 6.32 und 7.00) is the export thus slow. My export settings are: Youtube 1080P, lossles Export, H264: 8000kbps, Audio: 320kbps, Constant 30fps and my CPU is the AMD Ryzen 5 2400G. Operating System: Windows 10 PRO. All the files are on an SSD. EDIT: I MEAN CERTAINLY I USE NOT THE LOSSLES EXPORT
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