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  1. Thanks, That worked well. The images were very high rez and making them smaller helped. I appreciate the kind assistance. Regards, Ian
  2. Thanks, I updated to 8.97 and it was better. The scrolling text froze for a second but then continued. Regards, Ian
  3. Hi, is 8.79 available? I only just updated to 8.6. Thanks for the answer and the spell check, Ian
  4. Hi, Attached is a project that failed to render. Experiencing stuttering and freezing of display. Regards, Ian Windows 10 nvidia card 1050ti version 8.96. Here is the Portable project file with errors
  5. Hi, I've got about twelve images that I want to turn into a slideshow with the 'Stacks' template. I'm competent with videopad (and have the latest reg version) but can't seem to make it work. If I replace the template image, it becomes every image in the slideshow. So, I'm stuck and would love a step by step or something. BTW. I tried the suggested option of; loading in the images, putting them on the timeline and then loading/applying the template without success. -0-0- I got it working by manually replacing files. Not great but better than nothing. I'll upload a po
  6. Hi, Can you add 2d tracking/tracker so we can do some effect where, for example, thought bubble follow a person wherever they go? Thanks, Ian
  7. Thanks for that. I didn't realise there was an inbuilt screen grab function. Perfect solutions. Regards, Ian
  8. Hi, I have a clip showing a fly-over of our location and want to pause the clip, for about ten seconds at a particular point, in order to display some text. So, at about 2 minutes in, freeze the image and display some text for about ten seconds, then continue. Thanks, Ian
  9. Hi, if I have a format with an alpha channel (e.g. avi raw, mov, cineon). How do I enable the transparency in videopad? Thanks, Ian
  10. Hi, when I drop a new (i.e. 2nd audio) track under existing audio and video, it splits the tracks above automatically. How do I stop this. Apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere. Smithy (solved)
  11. Thanks, I had to use your exact setting or it bugged out but many thanks for that. Smithy.
  12. Hi, can you take a look at this. It crashes with the latest versions of 7.53 (Beta include). I have standard windows pro 10 with up to date nvidia drivers. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/153Z5Hh19DENOT0OddaJp_QtzAbQ4yQg3?usp=sharing
  13. What's the best way to upgrade a version? Uninstall the current paid version and install the new one or, Install the new version over the top of the old? Are there any addition check and step (e.g. re-registering) after that? Thanks
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