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  1. Yesterday I bought a copy of Premiere Elements. It's twice as expensive, but it's 10 times better as for now. I wish the devs in VideoPad the best of luck (I mean that from the bottom of my heart). I've been working as a programmer for 2 decades, so I know it's though. The best advice I can give you right now is to : a ) : Fix/solve the preview bug once and for all. I believe you might need to rewrite the whole feature. b ) : It's 2017, it's time to move on to 64-bit Peace out!
  2. You know, after doing some thinking (!), I thought why if I first sync every angle with the main audio track, by filling up with blanks if necessary, export the new synced clips, each and every one to a temp location, then creating a new project where I import only the synced clips to my media library, and where I only use two video tracks, one main,and one temp, where the main track is obviously what I want, and then use one temp track where I add the synced clip, and then align/clip what I need from the temp track and drag into the main track. Then I don't need to struggle to get every sin
  3. I'm editing a music video, I cannot be the only one doing this with "so many" tracks? 5 musicians, footage of every musician with at least 2 angels each, some gopro footage, drone footage.. But why should VideoPad even bother if I had houndred tracks? It should render every clip to a preview capable size (which is in my case lower than the lowest default setting), and just play the one at the top, nothing else. Why does this work flawlessly in Adobe Premiere? Does Adobe have access to some super secret features in which no other software can use? I'm just curious.
  4. To be frank, I don't have much expectations since I can read posts about this exact same topic dated in 2015: Looks like I'm gonna change to Adobe Premiere Elements, unfortunately. currently I am trying to edit a video with 25 video tracks, it's unbearable in video pad. RIP
  5. Please, post a fix. Quick. I'm using GoPro Studio, which I hate, but still better at the moment, untill this fix comes.
  6. That is fantastic news! Looking forward for the update!
  7. I just want to sign this statement. It happens for me all the time as well. I've spent $60 on a software, and the developers should put all their effort in improving the preview video. It has never been an issue when I used Adobe Premiere Elements, which is somewhat comparable to VideoPad in many aspects.
  8. I don't understand, just drag the image file from the Images tab right to your video track, and drag it as long as you want to.
  9. GoPro's raw format is h.264 codec and the mp4 file type. Up to now I have been editing that format straight into VP without converting it to "GoPro CineForm AVI" through GoPro Studio (which you must in order to edit the footage in their editing software). Are there any good purpose to convert that raw footage before importing it to VP? This Cineform format is HUGE (probably uncompressed), but will that format give VP an easier time while editing it and make previews and such? Any thoughts?
  10. Ah, thanks. Well, that made things a lot easier! But still, don't you think it should be a way to add effect right on the track, and not the clip itself? I come from a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) environment, where this is the most natural thing in the world to do. In a DAW, you NEVER put compression or reverb or anything directly on a sound clip, you put it on the track. I see no reason why this logic couldn't be implemented in a video editor software.
  11. Thanks for reply, but as I stated, or at least tried to say, I already know that. So why on earth isn't there any "master effect" on a single track? I understand that certain effects doesn't make sense to have as a "master effect" on the certain track, but color correction like temperature, brightness, contrast, filters. These kinds of effects should be possible to add as a master effect. I don't see any reason why not. That should also apply to any sound track. It's just tedious to click through every single clip to achieve the same effect.
  12. How do I do that? Right now I haven't found any other way than to select EVERY SINGLE CLIP on the track and add an effect. And append that effect on all selected tracks. There must be another way, or?
  13. Ah, so the GoPro files seems to be the culprit! Thanks.. But how should that screw up the preview? Isn't the preview a temporary file downsized to the preview resolution? It should downsize the bit rate as well then. I made more or less the exact same project with my trial of Adobe Premiere Elements, and it worked flawlessly, with much higher preview resolution.
  14. The whole project will be available here (low bandwidth warning : 6GB!!) https://www.dropbox.com/s/qwz80vwmqchon9n/videopad_debug.zip?dl=0 As I'm writing this, it's not uploaded yet. I'll go to bed, but it will be available in an hour I believe..
  15. Thanks for reply! I'm uploading it to dropbox as we speak. But it doesn't help no matter how low my preview resolution is. Just sayin' I'll try to deactivate hardware-accelerated in the meantime. EDIT : toggling the hardware accelerated box didn't help
  16. May I also add, that this problem seems to happen between clips from THE SAME original movie clip that I have split. Also, if I add a transition effect, it seems to "correct" the problem.
  17. I've upload a new video, telling exactly where the problem is:
  18. Ok, I first bought the 4.X version last year, and had issues with the "building preview" back then, even though the "preview progress bar" is all green. Then I recently bought the 5.X version, hoping this was fixed, but no. It is still buggy. It's so annoying so I'm downloading a trial for Adobe Premiere Elements as we speak, to see if it's better in that software. My specs are Windows 7 64-bit, 8GB ram, intel i7 CPU and SSD drive I have all my video files I work with in any project still not finnished. My clips come usually from a GoPro 5 and a DJI Spark drone. All clips are in 1080, wit
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