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  1. Yesterday I bought a copy of Premiere Elements. It's twice as expensive, but it's 10 times better as for now. I wish the devs in VideoPad the best of luck (I mean that from the bottom of my heart). I've been working as a programmer for 2 decades, so I know it's though. The best advice I can give you right now is to : a ) : Fix/solve the preview bug once and for all. I believe you might need to rewrite the whole feature. b ) : It's 2017, it's time to move on to 64-bit Peace out!
  2. You know, after doing some thinking (!), I thought why if I first sync every angle with the main audio track, by filling up with blanks if necessary, export the new synced clips, each and every one to a temp location, then creating a new project where I import only the synced clips to my media library, and where I only use two video tracks, one main,and one temp, where the main track is obviously what I want, and then use one temp track where I add the synced clip, and then align/clip what I need from the temp track and drag into the main track. Then I don't need to struggle to get every sin
  3. I'm editing a music video, I cannot be the only one doing this with "so many" tracks? 5 musicians, footage of every musician with at least 2 angels each, some gopro footage, drone footage.. But why should VideoPad even bother if I had houndred tracks? It should render every clip to a preview capable size (which is in my case lower than the lowest default setting), and just play the one at the top, nothing else. Why does this work flawlessly in Adobe Premiere? Does Adobe have access to some super secret features in which no other software can use? I'm just curious.
  4. To be frank, I don't have much expectations since I can read posts about this exact same topic dated in 2015: Looks like I'm gonna change to Adobe Premiere Elements, unfortunately. currently I am trying to edit a video with 25 video tracks, it's unbearable in video pad. RIP
  5. Please, post a fix. Quick. I'm using GoPro Studio, which I hate, but still better at the moment, untill this fix comes.
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