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  1. How possible to import the accounts instead of having to create them all over again?
  2. Did you ever get a solution for this, I am also seeking this.
  3. 4 years later... Has this been solved? I have to edit this ASAP
  4. In the body of the email when an invoice is sent. There is a string of text that is sent. I add the blah blah - But how do I edit this text?
  5. Does this software integrate with other software with NCH?
  6. Ok not an issue, I will work around it. It would be a nice add-on to the client profile as most clients are not in the same area. Thank you for the reply!!
  7. Does this software allow for auto calculation of tax based on location? Meaning, is there a way to set a rule so the tax calculates per the client or clients location or a client grouping? I have clients in 10 different locations with all different TAX rates per their location.
  8. I solved my issue, but I need to visit each extension. Not the most time efficient solution. There must be a way to avoid this using this software??
  9. As you can see the icons have changed. This is a FRESH install of Windows 7. I did this to prove to myself there is an issue. How do I fix this? I could format my install - but I want to use this software.
  10. I'm at a loss. I installed the software and a wide majority of icons have changed. How do I restore them?
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