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  1. I use Express Scribe in conjunction with Dragon for Mac. Dragon is notoriously slow with Dragon so the notes field in ES is easier to use and a lot quicker. Why was it not designed as a simple text editor or at least given the capability to enlarge the text view?
  2. I use a Mac and love Express Scribe but the font size in the transcription text area is sooooooo small it hurts my eyes and makes it difficult to catch mistakes and read back. I know I can zoom in on the monitor but the resulting fonts are not very crisp. Does anyone know how to change the display size for Express Scribe -- either by increasing the font size or increasing the display percentage to 200%? I should note that I have a large, high resolution monitor. I'm not sure why that functionality is nowhere to be found...at least not by me. Most other text editors have the font settings available through Preferences.
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