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  1. Hello again. The path was simply my PC's videos file. I got it to work now, I don't know what happened then, but now it's normal. Thank you all for the support! ?
  2. So, I uploaded it in .mp4 format, and it still didn't work. Didn't show up anywhere on my channel
  3. What if I upload it directly to my channel. (It finishes with no errors, but I still can't find them). Will it work?
  4. Couldn't find it. I know exactly the file path, and I searched the entire pc
  5. So, I edited 2 videos and sent them to render at the same time. Since now, I've done this and there were no problems. Now, after the render is complete, I can't find the exported file. It says that it finished rendering, and that's it. No file. I've searched my PC but couldn't find the files anywhere. Can anyone help me?
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