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  1. I have a licensed copy of Express Invoice version 5.01. I was wondering if I could install it on1 or 2 other computers & use the same license # as long as I have only 1 version of the program running at a time. Thanks!
  2. I found a backup file on my old hard drive. I imported it and it worked!!
  3. My old computer crashed with Express Invoice on it. I haven't made a backup for it in a very long time. I now have a new computer with a new hard drive and new operating system on it. Express Invoice is working on my new computer. I am able to see the old hard drive contents via a USB connector but not run it since it is configured for my old computer . Does anybody know what personal files I need to take off the old hard drive to make Express Invoice work on my new computer like it did on the old computer? Thanks for your help!!
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