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  1. I have a licensed copy of Express Invoice version 5.01. I was wondering if I could install it on1 or 2 other computers & use the same license # as long as I have only 1 version of the program running at a time. Thanks!
  2. I found a backup file on my old hard drive. I imported it and it worked!!
  3. My old computer crashed with Express Invoice on it. I haven't made a backup for it in a very long time. I now have a new computer with a new hard drive and new operating system on it. Express Invoice is working on my new computer. I am able to see the old hard drive contents via a USB connector but not run it since it is configured for my old computer . Does anybody know what personal files I need to take off the old hard drive to make Express Invoice work on my new computer like it did on the old computer? Thanks for your help!!
  4. Is there any way to not track inventory? I imported an item list but do not want to track inventory levels for them. I know I can go to each item and uncheck the manage levels for them, but that would take allot of time. Thanks!
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