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  1. Trixbox + Linksys SPA-942 phones + Uplink driver for Skype 1- Skype to Skype call (direct, Uplink desactivated): If called party does not answer, ring lasts 60 seconds and then Skype Voice Mail is activated (which is normal as I set the Advanced Voicemail settiing to 60 seconds). 2- Skype to Skype call (through Uplink) If called party does not answer, ring lasts 30 seconds and then I get the Skype busy signal. 3- Normal call from Extension A to Extension B on the Asterisk system (no Skype, neither Uplink involved): If called party does not answer, ring lasts as long as programm
  2. Hi Dave Trixbox here too (v. 1.2.3) with Zaptel board and no problem with choppy sound. Asterisk on a Linux server Uplink on a Windows server SIP phones are Linksys SPA942 on all work stations This is my Trixbox trunk settings in case it could help: allow=ulaw canreinvite=yes context=from-trunk disallow=all host=dynamic nat=yes ;very important. uplink won't work without this secret=xxxx ;define your own password as in uplink type=friend username=xxxx ;make sure this is same to trunk name Good luck, Georges
  3. Same problem here. Uplink 1.30 (registered) works fine with our Asterisk server but we are unable to use the Digital Recepcionist, nor the Voice Mail as DTMF does not pass-thru. For a SIP-SKYPE -> SKYPE-SIP call, it seems DTMF tone is sent back to the caller who pressed the key and not forwarded to the called party. Please NCH try to solve this point asap or at least to explain the situation (many users have already mentionned the problem but so far no feedback). The Uplink software is pretty good and it is really disapointing that the basic DTMF is not functioning! Georges
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