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  1. Did you find a solution. I've got the exact same problem. SIP softphone gets it 10-20% of the time. DISA based calls 100% of the time. Thanks D.
  2. Had type = peer, changed to friend, no change. Checked if I had ztdummy module loaded, shows in the lsmod list. Can't think of anything else. Any help / suggestions appreciated. Of note...10-20% of calls from internal sip softphones are fine...balance are choppy...any call routing through via disa ALWAYS choppy. Thanks in advance D.
  3. I just installed Uplink yesterday but am having consistently choppy sound on the incoming sound. According to the people at the other end, it sounds fine to them. I see a couple of posts regarding this, but no replies. In my case, it's a Trixbox install. I've got a VTech portable Skype phone running off the same system where the Uplink and Skype are installed. Sound quality is fine there. The Asterisk is a Trixbox 2.2 installation, no zaptel devices (ie, for timing). I've only configured it for outgoing calls at this point. My other trunk on the system runs flawlessly.
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