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  1. Did you find a solution. I've got the exact same problem. SIP softphone gets it 10-20% of the time. DISA based calls 100% of the time. Thanks D.
  2. Had type = peer, changed to friend, no change. Checked if I had ztdummy module loaded, shows in the lsmod list. Can't think of anything else. Any help / suggestions appreciated. Of note...10-20% of calls from internal sip softphones are fine...balance are choppy...any call routing through via disa ALWAYS choppy. Thanks in advance D.
  3. I just installed Uplink yesterday but am having consistently choppy sound on the incoming sound. According to the people at the other end, it sounds fine to them. I see a couple of posts regarding this, but no replies. In my case, it's a Trixbox install. I've got a VTech portable Skype phone running off the same system where the Uplink and Skype are installed. Sound quality is fine there. The Asterisk is a Trixbox 2.2 installation, no zaptel devices (ie, for timing). I've only configured it for outgoing calls at this point. My other trunk on the system runs flawlessly. Any suggestions as this is unusable in this state. Thanks in advance Dave
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