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  1. I am still having this problem with the audio cutting out after a while and the video lagging. I have tried adjusting the frame rate between 25 and 60 but the problem occurs regardless. Has anyone else been experiencing these issues? It seems to be a common issue but I have not seen any posted resolutions. Any help or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. I recently installed Debut v2.16 on Windows 10. I am experiencing a few problems, one of which is similar to what you experienced.The program starts fine and I have recorded a few streaming videos from the web (each between 60 and 120 minutes) using the region screen capture for video and Stereo Mix input for audio. At different times during the recordings the audio stops recording (or appears to since there is no sound after that point in the recording when I play it back). I tried using a couple of different playback programs and they all exhibit the same loss of audio at the same point. T
  3. I have an ultrawide screen with Screen Splitting software. Debut records the correct region as long as each screen is in full screen mode. As soon as I make the screen size smaller, in order to use part of my Ultrawise screen to do work on my other computer, the recording region gets messed up and records the wrong area. As it was suggested, download the trial version and try it in your configuration.
  4. I had the same thing occur to me so I decided to buy the licence. I have tried several Video capture programs and Debut was the only one I found that allowed me to capture the sound from my speakers (even in the Trial version) when capturing streaming video (the program downloaded and installed the additional components necessary for this to work). There were several capture formats that were not available on the trial version. The trial version appears to be somewhat fully functional but only for a limited time from my experience.
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