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  1. New version Moneyline v1.30 released. Seems to have this issue fixed...... If proven to be reliable and ongoing.... Thank you. Just concerned this might only be due to the "first reconciliation" grace reported on all new installs. Will report back when I try again in a month's time. Martin
  2. Same issue. Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit, Moneyline v1.23 I note the software seems to store the reconciled balance and date of reconciliation to use that as the starting point for the new reconciliation. In frustration I unreconciled all the transactions from my first month - yet the programme still uses that previously stored balance and reconciliation date when asked to re-reconcile. I cannot set the start date of the reconciliation period nor the opening balance. Still love the programme and can live without the bank reconciliation as the balance clearly matches my bank account when viewed on-line. Martin
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