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  1. I just started using "Moneyline" yesterday. I decided to input retroactive to Jan, 1 of this year. After building my accounts and Payees, I input transactions directly from the bank statements. Everything went fine and the first month reconciled immediately and perfectly. Huzzah! Not so much for Feb. The running account Bal is dead on to the penny but it freaks when reconciling. I've had to undo it manually. A real pain. On the opening reconciliation pop-up It asks for the Statement Date & Bal which I assume is the ENDING Bal. and ENDING date. However, it keeps coming up as the opening Bal. when the reconciliation screen opens. Down hill from there. Got any ideas? P.S: After reconciling the Jan statement, all the line items switched to "R" and the boxes stayed checked.
  2. I am a private residential Architect. 1/2 my clients are builders and 1/2 are private clients. I generally prepare a quote after reviewing a potential project and submit it to the prospective client. If they accept, I change it to a sales order and invoice from that base as things progress. At least that's the idea. I can't display a list of outstanding quotes or initiated sales orders. They just don't display. If I prepare and invoice and reference a sales order, the system "sees" it. Otherwise, not there! Am I nuts? Also, a client in my client ledger shows a balance due. They don't have one. Everyhting checks out but the mystery $255.00 is still out there. Doesn't show up in bank account, P & L, Balance sheet, nowhere. Doesn't show as a receivable or unpaid balance. Just on the client's roster. Ideas?
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