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  1. Hi you need to get the ip address for inventoria open the required port on your router etc create a password for the server it can be done i have my linked together
  2. Same here guys put the programs on new pc before was working fine could get everything sales report included but now on the new pc i cant even get a sales report and help would be great all 4 programs are linked together stock changes on inventoria when a sale is made but thats it
  3. Hi guys i had this up running for ages now but since i have changed internet services providers the sync between copper inventoria and express etc no longer works i have change the ip address to my current one but still no joy any help would be great as ive paid for these program's
  4. Hi you need to open inventoria first and then click the web access button to open the server and make sure your logged on and then open copper and try and sync that way if you open copper first it wont sync as the sever isnt ready
  5. Hi i had this problem when you open inventoria 1st click on the web server button to open you server once open, then try and sync see if this helps but i had to get an IT guy to do mine and he changed all the settings
  6. Hi have you tired right clicking on the item in inventoria you get a few options there like sell stock which gives you profit records and receive stock etc
  7. Hi Finally got all the syncing issues sorted had to go an IT guy in and change how the pc read the commands from the software and changed the user to all admin, but i have to open up inventoria 1st and log on the the web access as this is the server and open up copper and the others so far they have been sync for nearly 24 hours YES YES YES!!
  8. shazzaB

    Print Bills

    Hi you can save as a draft this enables printing when paid later but i dont think that will help i know you can print 2 receipts off store copy and customer copy but i dont think you can, as you only get the printing option when you click pay
  9. Hi Chris75 i have tired always to get this to sync to no joy
  10. shazzaB

    Receipt printer

    have you tired setting the printer as default printer
  11. im been having sync issue with both copper and inventoria, i keep getting cant find http/1.1404 not found but the support team keep going over the same options i have tired uninstalling, re-installing but still the same, had enough now and i brought all 4 programmes along with the top support what a waste of money if these cannot work together
  12. wow what a surpirse turned the pc off for the weekend and restarted monday morning and they wont sync!!
  13. i have followed the steps from above and changed the IP address to in copper and blow me away so far it has worked i have been trying for days to get them to sync and after spending over £200 on the programmes including the support package which by the way is rubbish!! loads of emails from support all saying the same thing its worked!!
  14. Hi All im having the same problem Copper and inventoria wont sync together i tried changing the IP address and the port number which is now 1097 and they still wont sync even though it states it completed but the stock level dont change!
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