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  1. Hi The edges of all the objects in my captured videos become jagged when i click 'record'. Playback is also jagged. The incoming video is fine. Thanks for your help.
  2. Thanks, Sam and All Is it possible in Express Burn to add chapters within a completed video file, similar to bookmarks in Videopad? ...and have them appear on an opening menu screen for selection? I finally burned a DVD from Videopad which allowed me to jump from chapter to chapter sequentially. However I'm looking to create an opening screen which allows the viewer to choose a chapter. I downloaded DVDStyler (now deleted) -- which looked good but didn't work. General user experiences were similar. Anyway, that's what I'm looking for. Thanks -lou
  3. So, reloading the vpj files to retain bookmarks, I'm finding that I cannot combine two .vpj files. If I open a second file attempting to add it to an existing file, the existing file goes away. Am I missing something?
  4. Thanks. Borate So, a follow up question: I intend to create a DVD from this project, but I also inend to save it to a thumb drive since this is a more durable medium. You're saying that the chapter markers will not transfer to a video file, so they won't transfer to a thumb drive either? Thanks Greatly appreciated
  5. Hi, Yesterday I completed a 1 1/2 hour project to which I carefully added bookmarks before exporting to a video file. Today, I reloaded the resultant avi file and added additonal files after it. Now I'm ready to export the final version of this project but I don't see the bookmarks I attached yesterday.. Are they gone? It will be a lot harder to add them now that the avi file portion is seamless. I'm hoping you tell me that they are just hidden and not vanished. It took 7 1/2 hours to export last night and about two hours to reload the avi file today. Yikes! Thanks
  6. I know I'm a little late for this thread but I'm having a similar issue. 'Found the Stabilize Video option under Video Effects, but it is not operational. I've selected my video clip. Its in the middle preview window. I'm using 3.81. Ideas?
  7. These tiny clips were created by placing the curser between clips (in the timeline view), then choosing the "Place on sequence at cursor" option. Since my placement wasn't 100% accurate, a tiny slice was shaved off the existing clip. I've since changed the way I add clips in the middle of a sequence. Now I move the subsequent clip to another track and insert the new clip, then reposition the subsequent clip. I'm learning a lot just be reading your posts!
  8. Right you are, Nationalsolo. You are correct -- assuming there are no infinitessimally small clips left over on the track from previous editing. They were hiding behind the clips on track one. I discovered this after my last post. Removing these appears to have solved the problem. To find these unwanted tiny clips move the clips which you do want (which will not respond to lengthening the transition) to track two. These tiny clips show up as a vertical line on track one. carefuly clicking on and deleting each line will allow you then to move your desired clips from track two back to track one and all your transitions will work properly. Glad to have solved this. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. I hope this helps someone else.
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions. There are some very helpful people here, although the problem persists. I have found a somewhat tedious work-around, though. For a 1.5 second fade transition, I've created a .75 blank clip with a .75 fade and overlayed it on track two midway through the fade on track one. This makes the apparent fadeout of the previous picture less smooth, but the fade-in to the next looks OK. I then add pictures to track two until the problem pops up again (5 or 6 pictures). Then I switch to track one using the same procedure. Clunky and imperfect, but better than nothing. Disappointed but appeciative.
  10. I'm running version 3.81. Would that make a dfference?
  11. Each clip is 3 seconds long -- including this one that I added last -- with a fade transition of 1.5 seconds. I tried making this particular clip 6 seconds long with no change. Max transition is .60 seconds either way, but only with this one clip. All the others are unchanged... This also happened on another project when transitioning (flip) from one video clip to another. In that project there are two transitions, but one will not allow me to go longer than .25 seconds.
  12. Thanks for the quick reply But this doesn't work. I had all the transitions on each jpeg clip set to 1.5 seconds. Then when I inserted an additional picture, a message popped up saying the transition of surrounding clips was being shortened. Each clip is 3 seconds long. Is there a fixed length of the entire project the program is trying to maintain? This project is less than 20 minutes long.
  13. I recently inserted a static photo into a project of about 20 other images. The program shortened the fade from 1.5 seconds to about .25 and I can't adjust it to be any longer than that. This also happened with a video transition. Any ideas?
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