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  1. Oh man .... that takes me out of the game if it doesn't work for mac. :-( Off to do more research then ... glad I didn't buy in on impulse. They make such a big deal out of it on their advertising that's why I found it. ughh Thank you everyone for your help! I appreciate your time.
  2. Well, let's just cut to the chase, you use the program - do you use the mac or pc? Do you like the stabilization tools? Does it really look as good as they make it seem. My videos aren't horrible - they are similar to the advertised before and after video shots. They just need a little help. Is it worth spending the $$?
  3. Nah, I just took a screen shot of my screen and saved it as a png and uploaded it - this forum just turned it into whatever it is. I'm new to forums too. :-) Busy day for my brain. ha ha I have a Mp4 video file.
  4. yeah, see what you both are saying and what the video tutorial is saying all matches up. However, in my version that I just downloaded today, stabilize video is missing from my drop down. lol - I'm really not crazy. That's weird. Well, I just don't want to spend the money without testing the software first - I want to make sure it does what I need. So strange how it doesn't show up for me. Again, not sure if this is only available in the paid version. Do you know? That would at least explain why it's not showing up in the free one I have.
  5. Maybe that link didn't work - so here are my options when I right click on my video under Video Files: Place on sequence unlink audio save audio clip as new file change file open file location cut copy delete rename jump to clip in sequence video effects audio effects clip speed properties that's it - no stabilization - and when i go into video effects- it's not there either.
  6. So under that tab, I right click on my video and here are my options:
  7. Just saw your note on the "media list" I don't have that tab - maybe that's what's missing .... is that only in the full version? Because it is in the tutorial I found.
  8. Wow, thanks Nat - I appreciate the quick response. I just downloaded the free version of VideoPad Video Editor Professional v 3.58 and I'm telling ya, there's no stabilization anywhere to be found. :-0 I've right clicked everywhere you said, and then everywhere else, and it doesn't show up anywhere. That's why I was wondering if I need to buy the full version to find it? My tabs are 1. Sequences 2. Video Files 3. Audio Files 4. Images When I saw the tutorial on this site: http://nchsoftware.blogspot.com/2011/01/video-stabilization-quick-fix-for-shaky.html it has different tabs than I do and they say right click and you'll find the stabilization - but again, it's not on my version. I'm running this on a Mac Laptop. Have no idea if that matters. Am I missing something? Thanks again, Jenn
  9. I'm new to VideoPad and I just downloaded their free version for home. I'm trying to stabilize my videos as they are very shaky but I can't find the video stabilization tools in the software. One video I watched said to right click on my video and choose stabilize - but when I right click, that option does not show up. Can anyone help? Does the free version come with the stabilization tools or do I have to buy the professional version? Thanks, J
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