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  1. Borate - No I have not. My guess was maybe some conflict between the added audio/music and video. Found a similar issue in the forum. But that I have to test to be sure.
  2. Hi. I have a problem with the exported videofiles. In the preview everything seems fine, but when I export the video, a sort of lagging effect occurs making the video capture seem unstable. I have tried a few different formats, frame rates and resolutions, but it remains the same. Had some trouble with my previous PC not being up to the task of editing, but now I am using a brand new one that should handle this. Here are some specs. Intel i5 core- 4200U. 1,6ghz-2,6ghz AMD Radeon HD8670M with 1GB dedicated VRAM 8GB DDR3 L Memory Any suggestions? It appears clearly on theese two simple videos i uploaded on Youtube: Regards Kris
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