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  1. Pocket Dictate Technical Support has disappeared along with PĂ´cket Dictate itself. No warning, no way to access recordings. Not acceptable. Now all that is available is Express Dictate Technical Support but I cannot submit a query unless I spend $65 to buy Express Dictate. Which I would do if I could be guaranteed to access my Pocket Dictate recordings, but I cannot ask that question because I cannot submit a query. I guess I just have to start plastering reviews everywhere to warn people about this apparent bait and switch technique. IF YOU TELL ME I CAN ACCESS MY RECORDINGS BY BUYING EXPRESS DICTATE I WILL DO IT. BUT I NEED TO KNOW THAT I CAN. NOT GOING TO SPEND THE MONEY TO FIND OUT THERE IS NOT ACCESS. JUST POST SOMETHING ON YOUR WEBSITE TO SAY WHAT HAPPENDED TO POCKET DICTATE AND WHAT ITS USERS CAN DO TO ACCESS THEIR RECORDINGS (THAT MAY BE TO PURCHASE EXPRESS DICTATE; BUT TELL US WHAT TO DO).
  2. I had downloaded Pocket Dictate from the Iphone app store and used to for several important recordings. On the weekend, Pocket Dictate was replaced on my Iphone by Express Dictate and the recordings I had made are not accessible. Pocket Dictate is no longer in the App Store, and the download links on your site go to Express Dictate. How do I access my existing recordings? This is important for me to get access.
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