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  1. I just updated from something like version 5 to v 8.26 today and I cannot reduce the window width the way the old version did by dragging the border. I lay out my programs so I can see the speed and elapsed time in the bottom right, and now they are covered because they are so far to the right and now hidden by MS Word. I need MS Word on top, so floating it doesn't work. Is there a setting I'm not finding?
  2. For those of you who use Dragon Software with Express Scribe, can Dragon learn to convert audio from all the various doctors for whom I transcribe? What exactly is the process for maximizing my productivity by using the program? I have read some seemingly outdated threads on other transcription forums that describe a very elaborate listen and then repeat using your voice process, which would be pointless, IMO. I really would love to try Dragon but I want to be sure it won't add another step in my process. Thanks so much!
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