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  1. CROP may be another option to reduce the size of your overlay....
  2. From another post, there is a process that allows you to do it via the SCALE and then POSITION, to place an overlay at a specific position on the screen and size it. Do it in this order. Also, minimize the effects window to see the results. Helps to get the size and positioning right. You can also use CROP to change size.
  3. Hi all, new to the forum, but I wanted to say that I tried this and the results are pretty good. There is a bug in the program that creates issues with the video if your trying to place the video overlay in a target frame on a template. When PREVIEWED or rendered to a final file, the overlay centered, ends up below the target. I just adjusted the position in the editor until the render position was acceptable . I hope that they fix the problem. By the way, the outro produced doing this positioning really turned out well in my grossly inexperienced opinion. I saved the outro box position in my presets, as a custom preset, and should be able to duplicate hitting the same position continually. Thanks for the procedure above, it worked like a charm. The target Vertical Offset % in POSITION is off by -5.8%. Adjust the parameter by that amount in the editor and render the file. The overlay will be on the money, in the final video. Hope that this helps someone else. I did turn it over to NCH, but I'm not on a support contract, although I did buy two licenses of the program.
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