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  1. Hello everyone. I am trying to create a simple GIF animation using 5 images and some overlay images (mainly arrows). I have added the images in the correct sequence and am now adding the images to be used as overlays. I add the effects Position and Scale to get the overlays where I want them but for some reason the settings are not kept. The overlay images returns to its original size. Am I doing something wrong? Is this a know bug? All images are PNG format and I am using version 3.22 of VideoPad. Here is a video showing what I am doing: https://copy.com/wjzG6AsqldWG Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. Thanks for sharing that Nicolai. Sadly I have moved on from VideoPad. It has great features but not being able to do something as simple as keep video and audio in sync (which to me is a core function) makes VideoPad unuseable. Thanks.
  3. Thanks I can see that but why does it only happen with VIdeoPad and not with VirtualDub? I have also noticed that with recordings from other games this does not happen (even though they are recorded with the same software...) As for my computer specs, I have the following: Core i7 920 @ 2.6Ghz 6 GB of Tripple Channel DDR3 RAM Geforce GTX 285 with 1GB onboard (not sure how much the video card plays a role in this) Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone, I am currently having problems with syncing. I have created video clips using PlayClaw which creates an AVI file for the video stream and two separate WAV files, 1 for game audio and 1 for my voice. I have three of these clips, 9 files in total. When I create the video in VideoPad I have a small intro and then the three clips. I make sure that each audio clip is placed on the time line at exactly the point the video clip it belongs to starts. I can also see that at the end of the video the audio tracks end exactly at the same spot. In the preview screen I can see/hear that everything is in sync throughout the entire video. When I render however, the beginning of the video seems to be in sync but for some reason de-syncing takes place and everything is out of sync by at least a second by the end of the clip. It seems to be a gradual thing. The really strange thing is, if I take the rendered clip and open it in VIdeoPad, then unlink the audio stream and save it as a separate WAV, I can re-render the video file with the wav file in virtualdub and everything is perfectly in sync. Am I missing something here? If anyone needs more information about how I am rendering to help solve this, please let me know. Thanks for your help!
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