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  1. Debut will record about 10 minutes into a video online event I'm watching and then it freezes a picture and stops recording what is happening. Audio is fine but without the video is pretty much of no use. Any suggestions on this. This has happened on two different computers. I had it happen on my favorite computer so I uninstalled it and put Debut on my other computer and it worked fine for a while and has now started doing the same thing. Anyone with suggestions is apprecited.
  2. I have down loaded, installed uninstalled, reinstalled and I still can't get the whole screen recorded even though I have it set for full screen. It just copies the top left half of what was on the screen. Anyone with suggestions??
  3. I have the same problem. It only copies the top left part of the screen no matter what settings I use. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and just won't copy the full screen even though the settings are for full screen.
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