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  1. I have tried other charting software and they are far too complicated to use. This one is great for a newbie like me. However except for the flowchart and ER diagram; I do not understand how to use the other templates. Eg, what is 'mind mapping' for and how do you set up or use the UML chart? Some examples please with more info! Thanks, Robin
  2. I have decided to forego reconciling altogether since it is so difficult to undo. As long as I pull in my transactions with the same dates as my statement, I find I get the same balance anyway. Having to edit all the payees is still a pain, but at least you can add new payees and categories 'on the fly' - I like that! Robin
  3. I added this as a topic in case I forget how it works (again!) later. When I import my transactions, the actual checks are entered with 'Check ####' as the payee with a default transaction type as 'Purchase". This type makes the Check Number field unavailable. However if you change the type to 'Check', the check number field becomes available. Robin
  4. I pulled in my transactions from my bank and the entries were all checked as reconciled - which is nice, but I cannot edit these transactions to use my payees and categories except by unreconciling (unchecking) them one by one. Is there an option I have missed for this automatic behavior? Cause I don't like it! It prevents the reports from grouping similar payees and/or categories since the bank makes each entry unique. And it leaves all the entries as "not categorized".
  5. I found a database type file updated today under c:\documents and settings\yourusername\application data\nch software\moneyline\moneyline.vdb I copied that to a different directory but have not tried to restore it... Robin
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