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  1. Thanks. I'll try that.
  2. I apologize if this topic had been posted before...I didn't see it. I am new to Crescendo and I like it very well. That said, I am not a professional...just fooling around...please forgive any cluelessness. So my question is I can't see a way to speed up the tempo. When I engage the playback, the song plays a little slow. It's a waltz but to actually dance it would be a drag. I opened the metronome mark editor and the score said it was playing at 120. But when I raised it to 180 it didn't seem to make any difference. Thoughts?? What am I missing?
  3. Did a quick test and the alternative method worked. Will report back after I get a chance to try the original approach....OR if I run across further difficulties.
  4. I have version 3.02. Could that be where the problem is? I'm going to go back and try again and try the alternative too. That makes some sense...or at least offers some hope. Maybe I'll do a screen shot...
  5. I'm not doing something right. What I did was drag my footage to the time line. Then I created a 30 second blank clip and coloured it green. I then inserted it at the beginning of the sequence. Then I added a 24 second text clip. The first problem that I'm encountering is that the blank clip did not push the video or audio. What it seemed to do is overwrite/overlay the video clip so that that first 30 seconds of footage is obscured. I didn't push the audio back either so that now I have audio from the first 30 second of footage running while the green text / title is showing. The audio seems to stay in sync because when the 30 seconds of green and text are done, the footage resumes (30 seconds past the beginning) and the audio seems to be in sync with it. What am I missing?
  6. I want to thank you both for your patience with a newb. I know it is frustrating esp. for people who are well-versed in a subject--these questions often seem so elemental and the answer so obvious.. It will take me a bit to digest and try what you both have posted. But just a quick reading fills in some blanks. So again thanks.
  7. How do you avoid that? It was one of the things that confused me to begin with. I created a text clip but it was running over the top of the start of my footage. Another thing...if you create new video tracks how / where do they show up in the sequence. Here...let me get specific. I have video footage. So I open the file and drag it to the sequence time line. An accompanying audio track is created. Now I want to create a lead-in. A title. On either a solid background or on top of a jpg. I want to want to insert it ahead of the foot age, ahead of the video track and ahead of the audio track. How do I do that? I think I understand the simpler editing tools like cutting and deleting. But I'm just not finding much help in creating that lead-in.
  8. Nat, Have been fooling with your instructions and have seen some possiblities although haven't yet accomplished what I want successfully. I need to first clarify something...what is the "overlay track? " I'm not seeing it or anyway to create it
  9. Nat, thanks for this. I haven't had time to try it...back at work today...but am going to print it out and give it s shot this weekend.
  10. Well, now it's working! I didn't do anything different except I chose to colour the text before I chose the font. [sigh] Well, at least I know it can work. So, bear in mind that I'm a newbie. Is there somewhere in the help files...or a video turtorial...that will show me how to do this. I have not...so far found it. I haven't even run across anything on how to create a second video track. I am looking for details, or at least detailed instruction, in hopes of reducing the learning curve just a little.
  11. Thank you for taking the time to respond. So, the default for the text is Arial. I changed it to Wragler. I saw the results immediately. But I wanted it to be a deep red for the fill with a turquoise outline (well, actually, I just wnated to see what that looked like) and it just turned black. Oh I see, But am I correct that there is no way to create a static background (not part of the video) for the trext that is either one solid colour or is a jpg, for instance? I must be missing something...I'm not seeing any way to do either of those things in the help files.
  12. How does that work? I don't see a differnce in the files between the paid version and the "free" version?
  13. I am a newbie to this forum and to videopad...although I used Windows MovieMaker quite sucessfully back when I was on XP. I have version 3.02 of Videopad. I am trying to edit a video and the first problem I've run across is that I would like to have an introductory/title clip running about 15 seconds. There are several problems I have encountered here that don't seem to be covered in the help files. First, I can enter the text and change the font but changing the fill and the oputline doesn't seem to work. What am I missing? Second, I would like to have some sort of background for the text--either an imported image or a coloured back ground or a snapshot (?) but i don't see any place where I can import an image or set the background colour (I don't like the default "checkerboard") or alter the background in any way. Again, am I missing something? I may have a few other problems but finding an answer to these will at least get me started. Thanks
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