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    I can relate to Larry that this is definitely an issue (developer created or not, I don't know). I use v3.24, and likewise I am told that I can not save the .vpj file after some period of time. I can't tell if it's after a certain number of saves or after a certain amount of time using the program. But I'm always nervous when I go to save my progress that it will pop up and say it's the trial version. My solution is to remember (or write down) what edits I've made since last save, close the program and lose my progress, uninstall, reinstall, then continue working. @LarryMully: If you've still got this file open (that it won't let you save), try exporting the video. If it lets you do that, then you can keep working and hope your system (or the program) doesn't crash. Alternatively, you can export this video and have at least some of your work saved, that way you can uninstall/reinstall and then import the exported video and work off of that one.
  2. Now, if you're talking about text that is in your base video already, that's a separate problem. If you haven't added text to videopad but you want to remove text from a video, that's not possible without a lot of video editing knowledge... and even then, there's no way to know what is under the text. So cropping the video would be the best way to hide the text. Let's hope you've added text onto a different track, as Nationalsolo mentioned. Then it's easy enough to "delete selected clip(s)".
  3. Your safest bet is first to contact NCH customer support. There are reports that some users have had them send the installer for the version they've paid for. It did not sound like an easy process, but it worked for them in the end. I'm not sure of the turnaround time, but I would see if that works first. Only after that would I get an installer from someone on this forum (if anyone has it) or off a 3rd party site.
  4. Well, you can change the default duration time when they are _first added_ to the timeline in the options. Default is 3, but you can change it to whatever. However changing this has no impact on any clips already in the timeline. I don't see any way to bulk change the duration in version 3.24. Depending on your video and your technical proficiency, you might be able to export the video and edit its length using AviSynth and VirtualDub. For example it would be easiest if it were *only* image clips (and audio) and you want to slow the whole thing down a certain amount/percentage. But as far as a solution in VideoPad, I don't know of one.
  5. There is no difference in the files. The paid version is a code that activates the remaining features. As the OP, this was indeed a bug in that I truly could not save my project file. I had to close the program and uninstall/reinstall video pad. Then I could save to my heart's content. I encountered the same problem a week or so later, and again the uninstall/reinstall fixed it.
  6. Yes, very strange. I had the same issue as electrodude102, in that I could not save the project file (file->save or save as...). I fully uninstalled then re-installed, and I can now save again. Not sure why, but it's good for now.
  7. Hm. Maybe this version was hard coded to expire at the winter solstice Still, it deserves a couple email queries to NCH, in case they don't see this thread.
  8. Just finished a video and started working on a second one. I worked for about 10 minutes and went to save and got a popup "This is a trial demo version of VideoPad Video Editor Professional for evaluation use only. Please buy the program now to use this feature." The 'feature' is saving. I have had it installed on my machine for approximately one day. Is this intended behavior for v3.24? I have v3.04 on my other machine, and it tells me that the free version of VideoPad is licensed only for non-commercial use, and for me to certify that every time I start up. The download page lists nothing about this being trial software. What has changed?
  9. Interesting. This wasn't the same situation for me; I had one 20 minute clip, spliced it at about 10 minutes, and changed the second clip to 75%. So it didn't butt up to another clip when it lengthened the clip. For those that happen to run into this same problem: 1) Nationalsolo has a possible fix in the post above. It wouldn't have solved my problem, but it may solve yours. 2) Dougie (post #8) writes about another possible work around. 3) My convoluted solution involved making an AviSynth script that inserted the frame pauses I needed, as well as a buffer of scrap video at the end. I used VirtualDub to export this, then opened it in Videopad and put it on the timeline. I then slowed it to 75% and edited/made sure my audio lined up. Then exported it from videopad (including the scrap at the end which is now replaced with solid black) and finally cut the scrap off in Virtualdub. Yeah. Convoluted. But if you ever run into this exact problem, or need some help with AviSynth, it took me a few days of playing around with it but send me a PM and I'll see if I can help.
  10. Oy, I should've thought of that. Thanks for the idea. I had a similar problem with a set of slow motion clips. Though when I got the export to work, the video was blacked out (as it was in the preview, but I was hoping the export would work better than preview) -- See my other thread, hopefully it can be fixed in the next version so someone else doesn't hit the same problem: http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/20643-preview-going-black/
  11. I figured it out. Not only does the preview go black, but the export ends up black as well. But here's why. I have that section of video running at clip speed 75%. For that segment of video (let's say it's 2 minutes long), the first 75% (1 minute 30 seconds) plays fine. Exactly at 1:30, the video goes black until the next video segment starts. The audio from that video (which is also slowed to 75%) plays as expected. I thought I could remedy the situation by cutting the video at the 75% point, which does indeed bring the picture back at 1:30, but now there's two segments, both running at 75%. The first segment now has video from 0:00 - 1:07 (75% of 1 minute 30 seconds) and the blackness from 1:07-1:30. The Second segment has a similar situation... the first 22 seconds have video and the last 8 are black. So combined together, the original 2 minute segment that went black at 1:30 now has video from 0:00-1:07, video from 1:30-1:52, and blackness everywhere else. I'm just moving the black around. So there's your bug report, and should be reproducible. I'm using 3.24, unlicensed. My only solution now is to not play the video sped up.
  12. Darn, I have the same problem with my video. It was stuck at 95%, but I followed PaulX's advice and it got all the way to 99%, then stuck again. And no amount of splicing the video or changing effects seems to help it finish :/ Edit: Turns out, with enough splicing and transitions, I was able to get past the stuck point.
  13. Hi all, I love using Videopad, but the one problem that's bugging me is that from time to time a video in my sequence will just display blackness in the preview. The audio continues to run when playing the preview. At first I noticed it on the version on my laptop (3.04), but I just downloaded 3.24 on my (much more powerful) desktop and just had the same problem occur. On 3.04, I would notice this happening to an entire segment, but on 3.24 it's happened in the middle of a segment. Anyone have any experience troubleshooting this?
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