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  1. This is crazy - all these complaints just like mine, and a response from NCH is nowhere to be found. I have exactly the same problem - Win7, 64-bit, 16GB RAM - this shouldn't be happening. Every time I try to record the same thing, there are ALWAYS pops and crackles, just more of them or less of them.
  2. Thanks "borate / guru". Actually, the same day, NCH notified me of a 5mb update to my Videopad, which improved things A LOT. It is now actually conceivable to export a video of 10 minutes or so, whereas before, it was not. I'm not sure if this is the fix everyone is waiting for, but for now, for my requirements, it's adequate. Thanks again, Shimon.
  3. ATTENTION NCH Personnel following this forum: I'm not seeing any updates to this issue since June 2013. I downloaded / installed Videopad Professional Editor v 3.14 in about October, 2013, paying hard-earned money. I have an older HP with 4gb Ram, WinPro7 and I run NOTHING ELSE at the same time and the Export Video function is unusably slow. It takes up to 30 minutes to export a 2-minute video!!!!!!! At that rate, anything over 10 minutes is out of the question, unless I leave the computer on and go on vacation. I'm sure this is not the way it was meant to work and judging from the comments above, it was much better with the older version, which I have no access to but if I could be given access with the same license, I would gladly downgrade, since I don't use the fancier functions. I'm quite satisfied with NCH audio products; it was based on those that I bought this video editor. Please respond. Shimon.
  4. WOW! That was easy. I had no idea you could just right-click there. Thanks so much!!!!!
  5. I got fantastic, fast help from people here with my fading in and fading out of video. (I used the opacity effect.) I noticed however that the audio does not fade in and fade out parallel to the video. I tried doing something similar with the audio track and it resulted in my video being completely farkled. I don't need the audio fades to match the video exactly, just approximately. Who has some quick step-by-step tips? Thanks very much in advance. Shimon.
  6. Greatly appreciated, Nat. Will definitely try that and post results here.
  7. Thanks again. I'll give it a go; struggling a bit with my processor. Very CPU-heavy this video, as you know.
  8. Your prompt and detailed response is greatly appreciated. I think I've gotten the fade-in to work but not sure yet about the fade-out. I will wait for the results to come in after the export completes. I thought there would be a simpler way to do it, along the lines of their Wavepad. But video is a whole different animal apparently. If I don't post again here, you'll know I figured it out. Many thanks again, Shimon.
  9. I bought this software with one main goal in mind and that is to be able to add a fade-in at the beginning of a video and a fade-out at the end. I see the option under "Transitions" but I cannot see how or where to select a part of the video I would like to apply it to. I'm sure it's really simple but I did not see it in the tutorial video anywhere. If anyone can give me a simple set of steps, I'd be EXTREMELY grateful. Thank you! Shimon.
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