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  1. UPDATE - I installed version 10/36 and that seems to have fixed the issue.
  2. Same Problem Here - I have the newest version (10.34). UPDATE - I installed version 10/36 and that seems to have fixed the issue.
  3. One of the things the new version does is that when you try to zoom - if you dont have the image exactly the same size as the original frame - now it keeps the original frame behind it to bleed off the edges (instead of just leaving it black the way it used to). REALLY BAD GLITCH. It's not generally a problem when doing straight 16:9 or 4:3 - but if you are using a different aspect ratio, it is really irritating to try to get the zoom box exactly. So again - what we see is the original image on behind the zoom portion and filling out the frame. It should just remain black as it used to in the other version. Please advise if there is a workaround for this bug. Thanks, Chris
  4. AWESOME !!!! Thanks Very Much. Also, Kudos to the developers who seem to have fixed the problem with the "slowness" of the program. I have had the problem for many years of it being SO SLOW (and definitely not my computer as I also do Premier and After Effects). But this most recent version of VideoPad seems to have fixed it completely and it runs much smoother. GREAT JOB !!!! I am using VP much more now than before - it's been great. One recommendation would be if we could go back to the WHITE SCREEN as opposed to the new darker scheme in recent versions. The lighter screen made it easier to view when highlighting clips in the timeline as well as pinging back and forth between other programs. But again - just a minor suggestion. Otherwise, thanks again for the suggestion as I will try it out and Great Job by the VP team on this newest version !!!
  5. Are we able to COPY and PASTE the effects of one clip into multiple other clips in the timeline? In Premiere they have you simply copy the clip you want, then highlight all the clips you want to paste those attributes to and select PASTE ATTRIBUTES. Is there anything like that in VideoPad? It would speed things up MUCH FASTER if we didnt have to put the effects into the entire timeline clip - then everytime we make a cut it starts to re-render. If we can just edit the timeline without any effects such as saturation or brightness, etc it would go much faster. Then add the effects at the end and drop them onto all the clips in the time line at once. As far as I can tell, we have to do effects individually for each clip, or we have to do the whole timeline first before we start cutting and again, that seems to slow things down because it is always catching up to render. Also - are there any places to get good new plugins? I still have the same ones from the original plug-in pack from about 6 years ago. Thanks, Chris
  6. Since so many of the new versions for the past several years have been so much slower, where can I find older versions (and I'm talking about going back to the 2012s if needed). There used to be a NCH site to do it but i cant find it anymore. Is it possible to download any or all of the older versions?
  7. OK - let me know how/where to upload one and I will. I will upload a simple 6 minute 12gb .mov file. It isnt even one of the more difficult ones that makes the screen go black, etc. It just takes forever for the audio to catch up or the preview to build so that I can play the clip in the timeline. And I cant wait several hours for the greenline to run through a simple 6 minute video for the audio to finally get into sync. Still, let me know how/where to upload and I will. I am currently using version 5.20. I purchased the newest version and tried that for a while, but it had more bugs in it - crazy stuff like if you add too many effect to a clip the video portion goes blank - unless you redo the effect in a particular order). Version 5.20 is just as fast/slow as the newest version for me but with less bugs than the new version.
  8. I have had VideoPad for at least 6or 7 years. It used to be fine. Something changed a few years back that made everything run extremely slow. To import a simple 2gb 20 minute file and try to edit it takes FOREVER. It is always either waiting for the audio to sync up or something similar. Often times it makes my whole screen go black for several seconds every time I make an edit. I had the newest version (paid for) but that has even more bugs, so I went back to Version :??? (which is just as slow, but has fewer of the crappy bugs). It is NOT (REPEAT NOT) my computer. I have plenty of RAM, Memory, etc. I run Premiere, After Effects and other much more intensive editing programs without hitches or issues. It is this program. So many people have the same problem - there HAS to be a fix other than saying to check the cache (which I've done) or dropbox us the file (which is irrelevant since just about EVERYONE seems to have the same issues). I really want to like this program. It can be so simple and better to use that Premiere for my smaller projects. But SOMETHING has to be done to fix these bugs. It's CRAZY. Is anyone else able to come up with some solutions? Editing a program by saying "I dont feel like waiting so this cut is good enough" is not a great way to edit.
  9. Something changed about two years ago with videopad. I never had any issues - now (like everyone else) it is so slow it is becoming unusable. It's not my computer which is plenty fast and has plenty of RAM. It's not the preview resolution (which is 512 x 288). It's the program. I have Adobe Premiere on this same computer and it's just fine, so it is not the computer. I prefer using videopad instead of Premiere for small, non-professional projects. But it is too damn slow. I constantly get the "building preview" or "audio is not in sync" just about every time I make a cut. And these are not large files I'm working with - 2gn to 3gn tops. Does anyone have any REAL suggestions? Or is it just that videopad changed their workflow a few years back and this is the result? It's frustrating as hell because I like the simplicity of videopad for low end projects - but dammt the program needs to work.
  10. So after stumbling around, I think I found it. Takes about three extra steps to do. Would be SO MUCH BETTER if you went back to the version that had the preview as well as the Keyframe Line in the Preview window. Would save us all several steps. Way to make it simpler guys - lol !!!!!
  11. In every other program on the web, if you LEFT CLICK and grab an edge of the frame - it should maintain the aspect ratio (at least that's the way it is in just about every other paint or edit program in the world). But here you have to select 4:3 ot 16:9 (which is also not in a dropdown menu instead of the main menu - just one more step to go through). Then you have to CLICK maintain aspect ration. Why not just do what everyone else does and make it so that when we LEFT CLICK and grab the edge it automatically maintains the aspect ratio???
  12. I really dont like 4.33. Since I just downloaded it on my new PC, how do I go get an older version.
  13. I downloaded a version for Mac about two months ago. And now this version for PC tonight (4.33). I ABSOLUTELY HATE THE NEW EFFECTS BOX !!!! But that aside, how do you take a clip from your timeline and add (for example) a ZOOM effect that you can have move to multiple points during that clip. In the other version, you can just click stop the cursor on whatever part of the clip you're at, resize it, and you could clip a marker that would make it go to that point. How do you do that here. Heck, you dont even get the video in the preview pane here like you used to (yes, I know we can bring up the double box). But it was DEFINITELY better the other way - and most people seem to think so. So back to my question - how can I set multiple points in one clip ???
  14. The VideoPad people never get on ANYTHING fast
  15. I agree with you. I think the main point is HOW can they release a product so obviously untested, and WHY must we rely on the kind people of this group to correct the problems that their tech support SHOULD be doing (though often times the do not even acknowledge the problem).
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