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  1. Perhaps your CPU is too slow… What tells you the TaskManager about CPU load? CU Simon
  2. I have seen in the past some newer rtsp cameras (e.g. marhall) that embed ONVIF metadata to the stream. I know also a lot of video software, which is not compatible to it. Perhaps this is the source of your problem... CU Simon
  3. Hi AJsWebCreations, is there perhaps a firewall running on your Windows? If yes, you have to open the port at the internet-firewall/gateway/NAT as well on your windows firewall. CU Simon
  4. Hello everybody, in the past I was looking around for compatible hardware to use BroadCam. Now I have some information to share with you: If you would like to use a megapixel-class USB webcam, then my recommendation is now: Logitech QuickCam 3000 If you would like to use a standard HD camera with HDMI out, then my recommendation is now: Startech ECHDCAP HDMI® to ExpressCard HD Video Capture Card Adapter 1080p (You’ll need a really powerful pc. Does not working properly with QC i5 2500k, I use a 6C XEON E2630!) Until now, I have absolutely no way found to use the: Hauppauge Colossus HDMI capture card CU Simon
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