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  1. As far as i could tell it does. I was directed to the software from some suggestion somewhere on the internet for that purpose. When you choose to add a 'Live Video Source', you have 3 options; webcam, IP Camera (MJPEG), IP Camera (RTSP). This is what leads me to believe the software supports ip camera RTSP streaming in some capacity. I have since tried using 'Flash Media Encoder' and it presents the 'exact' same dialog window when i configure the RTSP settings, with both windows mentioning the copyright of 'moonware studios'. Moonware Studios from a quick google make the webcam7 / web
  2. Hi I cannot get the broadcom software to connect to an rtsp stream from an ip camera. I can connect to the stream just fine from vlc or any other application that accepts rtsp input. I am wondering if perhaps i am entering the wrong format for the rtsp stream for broadcom to interpret. To access the stream in VLC player i enter a full address as follows eg. "rtsp://" I enter the same string into broadcom under raw url mode and i cannot connect. I am wondering should i be putting a different version of the string into this raw url. Is broadcom taking this u
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