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  1. Bump! I don't know how identify calls from many DIDs to the same extension. I'm really worried about this. (Think it would be an AXON PBX feature). Other PBX has this option, "prefixID:CallID". It would be "Sales:934334243" for example. A: There is an option for OGMs to log the call. You can log the call for example with <br>SALES CALL FROM %cid% @ %time%<br> to a file called logcall.html. Now the file can be opened in a web browser. If you then set-up a web server such as Apache or Abyss, the other computers on your network can then access the page. Then on an incoming ca
  2. Hi to all I've a question so I read in manual that The OGM name can include data-entry variable names circumfixed with the % character So if I select Key Response Settings / Menu (single key matching) / key 1 / Go to OGM / '*** Other/Variable Entry ***' and i put this sentence: Directory_ogm\preg2 %var1% It supose that if caller press the key 1 he goes to Directory_ogm\ogm2 and %preg1% = 1 This is the log that I get: 13:04:51 Outbound call [934291XXX] dialing complete 13:04:54 Outbound call 934291XXX [Answered] 13:04:54 Play file: C:\ProgramData\NCH Swift Sound\I
  3. Hi Our system is based on Axon (lastest version) and enterprise edition of IVM, all extensions are VoIP (Xlite software), and some external lines from 3 voip providers. No TAPI or modem, FXO/FXS, or other hardware is installed. We want to make automated dialing to make surveys, but we want that surveys made by agents or human operators. So we've the problem using the auto dial, that when the OGM transfers a call to one extension or a group, the call is blind transfered without problem, but the next call on the auto dial list begins to ring before the agent (voip extension) has finishe
  4. It's exactly what i did. But think that dmz host becames unsecured from external atacks or intrusions. But on my network, composed by internal and external extensions, VRS and a 4 port FXO Gateway it was the unique solution I've found. A VPN for example, is a solution also, but the gateway doesn't works. S!
  5. I tried hamachi asswell, but in a network with an FXO gateway you can't register it in the VPN. Or may be i didn't know how to do it.
  6. The problem in most of the cases are the same... NAT Symetric, that is used in most of the modem-routers broke the communications. Sometimes after a few seconds, sometimes in one way communication only, sometimes with SIP registration but no RTP success. NAT IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH VOIP. There are thousands of documents about this problem, with this virtual PBX and all others. You just googling: NAT and SIP and be ready to stay maaany hours reading possible expensive and complicated solutions. Theorical solutions: ALG (don't try it) Universal Plug 'n Play (don't like it) Dire
  7. I've the same problem as you. And i've tried a lot of things to resolve this: running on a VPN, i've tried multiple router configs, as many routers asswell. In fact, i'm on the way to run an external sip account with a FXO gateway. It looks like impossible atm. But a few time ago, i've just discover that there are differences betwen sip providers. And if you try another like (voipbuster) you could success on it. S!
  8. Same problem I've no tried with other softphones, but i've just bought two licenses of expresstalk and expressdial. And i wanna run it with these software. Altought the CPU on Axon server is working at 100%, axon works fine. I refer that his function is ok, but the trouble is when you wanna use another software with the same computer like VRS recording system. When CPU is overworked, VRS fails. I suppose NCH will fix this problem in future versions.
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