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  1. Hallo, In my case, I have on the remote extension (i.e. Express Talk in Network design) set SIP on 5080 and RTP 8000. In the router on Axon site I have a portforwarding/porttranslation UDP 5080 (81,82,82) to inside LAN IP address 5060 (61,62,63) [[i use port 5060 WAN site on router for a other Voice application]] In de router on Axon site I have a second portforwarding UDP 8000,01,02,03 to insite LAN IP address 8000,01,02,03 In the Axon PBX I have in Network design SIP 5060 and RTP 8000. So I hope it work, perhabs you can set in remote extension and in router SIP port UDP 5060 in case 5080, please try it. Succes, regards Cor
  2. Hello Simone, I have it working with the following rules. Remote extension: SIP 5080 and RTP 8000 -- Router Axon network: SIP UTP 5080-5083 Wan site> SIP UTP 5060-5063 Lan site Axon SIP 5060 and RTP 8000 Port 5060 Wan site I used for other applications. Succes and regards Cor
  3. I have Axon with a win2k and win2k3 server. When I start Axon the CPU usage is low (normal). After the first call between two extensions the CPU usage goes to 90-96% and stay always on this percentages. When I close the Axon application the CPU is going low. I check the CPU with (ctrl-alt-del) (Task Manager). Are there more people with the same problem?
  4. Hello, remove the last 8-digits and you will see.
  5. Hello, remove the last 8-digits and you will see.
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