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  1. I suppose it's worth trying, but I have a nagging feeling I'm doing something wrong here. Adding text isn't supposed to be difficult, so why does it seem to be? If the problem is the sheer amount of text clips, how are ordinary subtitles done? *15 minutes later* I think I've found my problem, I simply couldn't see the obvious answer: there is a separate button for text and subtitles. Text button creates a text clip that can be dragged to the timeline while subtitle button allows you to make subtitles without generating huge amounts of extra clips to worry about. From the looks of it I
  2. The tittle basically says it all. I have a habit of using a lot of text in my videos, which for some reason simply doesn't seem to work with video pad. The most extreme case I've had so far involved something like 70 individual pieces of text (added via the shiny add text button on version 3.0.2) and VideoPad simply couldn't handle it. The program kept crashing every couple of minutes while editing and simply refused to render the video. Even lesser use of text didn't turn out too well; I tried making another project with about 20 pieces of text and while it did manage to render it turns o
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