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  1. Hi d4jna -- I was just notified of your reply (I'm OP). It is kind of nice to hear I'm not the only one who's run into this -- I can't imagine we are alone here. But at the same time it obviously stinks for both of us. Unfortunately, after plunging the depths of my ExpressScribe files I couldn't find any dedicated txt files or anything like that to extract, and my colleague ended up purchasing the pro version to recover the work. Hopefully, maybe, we missed something -- so good luck trying to figure out a better way. And best wishes on finishing your thesis.
  2. Hi -- apologies if this has been asked before. This a Q about the new free version of Express Scribe. Does anyone know if the text typed into Express Scribe's notes box is saved in any sort of separate text file somewhere? I have a bit of an unusual problem where a colleague was transcribing directly into the notes box (I know, I know...), completed a good chunk of work, then closed the program. Upon trying to reopen the program, the 30-day free trial had expired, and now the program is locked up, holding the completed text hostage. I know that the free "trial" version can be easily switched over the indefinitely free version (prior to the 30-day expiration), however obviously this wasn't done. The only way I can think of recovering the text at this point without upgrading to Pro is if Express Scribe holds the text in some sort of dedicated file somewhere in its depths. Does anyone know? I appreciate any help.
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