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  1. Hi all, I paid for IVM Professional is limited to 3 lines only. I needed to upgrade to IVM Enterprise. Does anyone know a link where I can buy the upgrade to IVM Enterprise. The upgrade link provided by NCH does not show upgrade prices but are instead REGULAR prices. Upgrades are supposed to be priced lower? or is there and upgrade? Thanks for your Time Sapia
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    Hi, When i use Axon & IVM with IMS I get disconnected Ex-A: when a call comes in the phones ring at the other end the caller hears music (I dont want the caller to hear any music, just when the party puts them on hold) after the call is not answerd the call attempts to go to (IVM) vociemail then says: call disconnected. If a call comes in without the IMS the call goes to voicemail with no problems. EX-B: of may setting in Axon External lines (sip account) incoming calls ring on group 701 & is Link to localhost:606 (ON IVM Screen I see Incoming SIP call than call has discon
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    Thanks All that works! Sapia
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    HI, I read the userguide but i don't understant how ivm knows in what mailbox he should record message how does it link extension or sip accounts example i created 2 mailboxs and have 2 axxon exten.:101, 102 how can i link mailbox 1 to 101, mailbox2 to 202 etc..., How to? ex:This is what i would like to happen when a call comes in at extension 101 & no ans IVM picks up the call and should leave a voice message in voice mailbox 101 and than send and E-mail to the persons e-mail address. Sapia
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    Hi, When will you be adding the ability to use DID Numbers? Sapia
  6. Hi, We are testing Axon with our spare Polycom phones I have 2 Polycom Soundpoint IP 1-301 & 1-501 phones that wil not register to the server as extension 101 and 102. Axon listening on 5060 Can someone help with an detailed description on howto? Need Help!!! Thanks for all your help Sapia
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