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  1. Sorry I'm so late responding - especially as I can't be any more helpful. I've always had trouble understanding Debut's audio settings, besides which my version is so old it doesn't have the same layout as yours. If you are recording Zoom in a browser, you can get volume enhancer add-ons for Chrome (therefore Edge, Opera and others using the same base as Chrome) and Firefox... but that may not help if the settings in Debut are not "right".
  2. I think you should contact Support and explain what you are trying to do and what's not working. I have found them to be helpful in the past.
  3. Perhaps Debut Support could help you with this option: https://i.imgur.com/iimFjr5.jpg
  4. Second thought - Debut will download streams in the background, I think - I've never gone there, I use a different program for that.
  5. Debut will be recording what is on your screen, what you can see - so it will capture whatever is within the Debut frame you've set. If you have space on your screen, you could have 2 browser windows open and capture your target on one of them and watch/do whatever you want on the other, but you'd have to be very careful not to interfere with the recording area. That's all I can think of, off the top of my head, as they say 😁
  6. As you have not had a reply to this yet, here's what I think you should do... I say "think" because my version of Debut is quite old and I believe they have changed the layout since. (1) In Options, Devices tab, you should see Audio with some check-boxes; OR (2) Options might have a separate Audio tab. I think you should select Speakers or StereoMix.
  7. (If bd92154's suggestion doesn't work...) This is the only part of your problem I can address, and even then not as an expert! NCH do an audio editor called WavePad, but it costs over £50 - I don't know if there's a free version but there'll be a trial - which hopefully will last long enough for you to learn how to find and use the elements you need. (I have found that many programs are extremely complex because they can do so much, but once you find just what you need you can concentrate on those elements and maybe learn other features later.) I use a free audio editor which I can't name on here, it imports the audio from your recording, then you "amplify" it (and often I also do the "noise reduction" to reduce background sounds), export it as mp3 and add it to your video using your video editor. It's not something that can be gone into in any detail here, the only NCH software I'm familiar with, in a very limited way, is Debut.
  8. I can't give you a link because "they" know I'm on Windows and keep referring me to that section. But if you follow the relevant links on here you should be able to find Support and write to them - they have come good for me in the past.
  9. I confess I don't understand what you are trying to do, but for the sake of starting you off... For nearly 10 years I have been using Debut for screen-capturing live wildlife cams 24/7, it's set to stop/restart every hour. I almost always record in .mp4, the files are smaller than .avi but I don't notice much, if any, difference in quality. I have never taken a chance on Fast Capture so I can't advise on that. I scan the finished 1-hour files in an editor and extract clips of interest and join them up, then upload to YouTube for sharing with the general public. If you are recording a screen then the monitor resolution will affect the size of the resulting files, no matter what format you have set. Screen-capturing a 4K screen will result in very large files which are more cumbersome to edit. You are talking about "home movies" so I presume you want your recordings made on a Windows PC to be compatible with iOS and Android - I don't think this is possible, but maybe someone here will educate us (me!) 🙂
  10. clemenzina


    I don't have an up-to-date version of Debut to check it with, but in Options/Audio you should select Speakers or StereoMix to record from.
  11. I record 24/7 in 1-hour segments, no problem. In your second snapshot you have the limit set to ONE MINUTE - 0.01.00, which seems very short, should it be ONE HOUR - 1:00.00 ? That shouldn't make any difference, tho, your recording should automatically resume - as you haven't had any solutions here, do write to Support, they will respond - especially as you are within the refund period ;) https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html
  12. I think my first version of Debut was 1.64 and I've never seen any significant new feature since... except! There's the option of adding a time-stamp in one of my later versions, which is still probably only 3.* or 4.*. (I have Debut installed on a number of laptops dedicated to recording live streams, that's why I have several versions.)
  13. clemenzina

    No audio

    There's a tutorial on YouTube for recording sound
  14. I support this request so I'm giving it a bump. However, NCH don't respond on this forum (except when Josh pops in with advice), it's just for us users to support each other, so we're unlikely to be heard by the developers.
  15. Not easy to find, had to use DuckDuckGo 😠 Hope this helps https://www.nchsoftware.com/capture/versions.html Well that was no good, there were no active links for downloads, just a list of versions. Sorry! I suggest you write to Support - if you install the latest version there should be a link in the menus... otherwise, go to this page and scroll down to the bottom till you see this: https://i.imgur.com/wHWMym7.jpg
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