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  1. No problem, and thanks for your interest. I've solved my problem with a free program for converting video files that does a lot of clever things that I don't understand, but they include amplifying the audio - which is all I wanted to do. I might also look into Chrome add-ons, as you suggest.
  2. Thanks, Clemenzina. Yes, I think I can see the audio settings page with check-boxes that you refer to, and I can get there by different routes: Menu/Tools/Audio Settings... ; Menu/Tools/Option.../Audio ; Option/Options/Audio ; Option/Audio Options ; but all these lead to the same place. Once there, I have check-boxes: Microphone ; Speakers ; Mouse Clicks ; Only show db levels during recording. I have all except Mouse Clicks checked. Next to Microphone, I have only one option: Microphone (Realtek(R) Audio); and next to that there is System Mixer... which seems to say the Realtek is my default (and only) device. Next to Speakers, I have the choice of MMDevice and Filter Driver. I don't know what these are. I've tried both, but can't see (or hear) any difference. It also doesn't affect what I see when I press the System Mixer... button. In both cases there are two columns, Device Speakers and Applications System Sounds, with volume control sliders both at 100%. With these settings, I can record my screen, and the audio is there, but it's so low as to be almost unintelligible. Moving the sliders away from 100% makes it worse. So, is the audio setting page I've described the one you meant? And, are the sliders under System Mixer... what you meant by StereoMix? If so, I gather you can make your setup work adequately with the sliders not at 100%. If that's the case, then I guess I've got to look elsewhere. In any case, thank you again, for your time and interest.
  3. Thank you both bd92154 and clemenzina. I might come to clemenzina's suggestion later - it's more involved. bd92154, can you expand a bit, I'm a total novice. Where is the "input audio" that I should set? Is this a setting in DEBUT? Is it in Options/Audio options/Audio? I don't see "input audio" there. Or is this a setting somewhere in Chrome or Windows 10? Thanks, Franzi
  4. I can record zoom conferences and YouTubes with audio, but the recorded audio volume is too low. What audio (or other) settings would affect this? When recording zoom or YouTube, under audio options, do I need Microphone or Speakers or both? Under Speakers, I can choose MMDevice or Filter Driver. What are these, and which should I use? Do audio quality (or bit rate) affect audio volume? Is there any way of boosting volume after recording? My speakers are at 100%.
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